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06 August 2014 @ 04:25 am
Day Book  
Day Book

sent Fringe emails (I get why people send a form letter right? It saves time. But on things where someone is asking you a specific question, a form letter is some enraging bullshit. SH planned coverage of the Fringe and so I need a press pass. The Fringe was v. vaguely like 'no you can't have one, but cover it anyway without one and maybe better luck next time?' Um--what specifically do we need to do to fix this? You know, it's not like the decision falls from the sky. I hope we can get it sorted, but like--you have to make it clear why we sub'd everything and it still wasn't enough for you.)
told Jon and Guilia about Charlotte moving out, spoke to G's person (she'll probs move in, and we like he, so that's all good)
wrote C re: her deposit
edited K's fic
edited M's fic x 2
talked to Emma re: tent (I turned down some additional possible Loncon responsibilities because jesus fuck I just CAN'T)
did laundry
did dishes
listened to some Nightvale while working (into the final ep! know now how I will write the piece on this!)
answered 2 comments
made myself crappy lunch&din
asked K to get milk
made plans for tomorrow
spoke to sister re: Tisha B'av:

Sister: Did you fast?
For Tisha B'av
Me: :/
Did I remember this holiday
is the q you should be asking
Sister: I sure did post enough about it for you to remember it sad face
Me: aha I don't think I saw!
but I checked fb
so idk why not
Sister: well, take a few minutes to remember the destruction of the temple and feel sad or something
Me: okay it will be a nice break from being ambivalent and angry about the current war
Sister: there are some fairly good list telling you what you should be watching on YouTube or Netflix today
Me: er, what sort of thing?
Sister: there are a couple good lectures on YouTube about how you should feel on Tisha b'Av this year regarding the current war
The Netflix lists are basically here is every Holocaust documentary on Netflix.
Me: mm
Sister: but, YouTube has a few fairly decent things. If you search Tisha b'Av you get a lot better results than just searching for Job or limitations [A/N: Lamentations, Siri?]. Searching for Job or Lamentations tends to get you a lot of crap from Christians
Me: ahah okay

God, that sister.

(or as elviaprose put it, "One Jew saw another eating on Tzom Gedaliah and asked why he wasn't fasting. He answered, "In the first place, if Gedaliah had not been killed, would he still be alive? And in the second place, if I had been killed, would Gedaliah fast for me? And in the third place, I don't fast on Yom Kippur, so why would I fast on Tzom Gedaliah?")

spoke to Meg (other sister) re: Sam's terrible teenage boy political opinions
answered some comments

"Sasa has brought in, or the hole the builders left in the door has allowed in, another mouse
it is running around our bedroom
I tried to chuck him so I could catch and release
but it got behind a bureau
and Katy advocated a death cat approach
so he has been allowed back to watch where the mouse was last seen
and I was like, we can't go to sleep until this is resolved
and she was like OH YES WE CAN
I mean I lived by a forest and Had Cats but do I want to sleep w one running around in the br no"<--readers this was HOURS ago. I can still HEAR it. Sleep is not for me.

70 emails