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27 August 2014 @ 01:09 am
Day Book  

emailed Diane
emailed Drew
emailed Abigail
emailed Erin
put away food

did laundry
started reducing stock
put on 2nd batch stock
figured out how to finish pudding & did so
emailed Abigail extensively/sent files
dealt with repair guy
talked to flatmates about storage & drainage issues
emailed friends&colleagues articles/academic opportunities they might find useful
read&closed like 25 articles (seriously a LOT)
emailed assistant dean
emailed An re: package logistics
tidied room a little
made food plans w Katy
updated calendar
updated academic/critical pinboards
tried to organize my work-flow a bit
downloaded VLC
downloaded film I have to review
saved cat from choking to death
made part of dinner--hollandaise and asparagus
took a nap
responded to comment
arranged/paid for some of my books to be shipped
wrote An re: this
booked bus tickets for conference
made arrangements w my hostess
wrote conference re: misprint
wrote assistant dean to rearrange meeting
checked all my accounts
spoke to mom about card situation
sent Katy an article from Jstor
emailed bus ticket stuff to K so she could print
examined freezer and made menu plan for rest of week--emailed K about it
gathered crit I needed to write an article about film, made a pinboard of it
dealt w 71 emails