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02 November 2014 @ 12:15 am
Who Spoiler Thing  
essentially, Moffat made my pairing, which I have shipped lo these many years/done a ton of work for, true&het by making 1 character female
in the most--awful ham-fisted way possible? like, the most gendery bullshit? And people are hailing it as a Triumph for Feminism as newly-
female character coos 'call me Missy!' and 'he's my boyfriend!!'
I feel so like, pandered to and undermined and ganked and 'oh ffs' and insulted and told this is what I wanted
I 50% am detached now and don't care and am 50% rage-disgusted
I *should not care* and I tooootally do, it's the grossest shit, the emperor is naked, etc
I did mod the big community for this pairing forever, and this blatant attempt to Appease Critics/Fans is sort of directed at his vague idea
of tumblrinas and what fandom is etc
in some tiny degree I'm a little complicit. I just never thought this shitstain would crap on my day.
idk I'd thought for a while it could NEVER come back from him
but it's SO UNFAIR he gets to retcon it all into his bitch, we worked so hard and loved it so much for so long, why does HE get to ruin it?
and maybe I shouldn't let him, etc., but what w lj death, it's just exhausting and awful and I feel like the work's retrospectively devalued

Me: and like
we never asked for this
like I didn't WANT this to Be Canon
it wasn't what I wanted, I knew it was unrealistic etc
all ANYONE wanted was like
decent female characterization
and we get this 'teeeheeeheeheehee, well I couldn't possibly go on calling myself the Master!!' and people are like A BLOW FOR FEMINISM and it's like no, it's just Curse of the Fatal Death AS A SERIOUS THING, and you think that like--COUNTS?
Ana: Yeeeesss.
That is the /opposite/ of a blow for feminism.
The name aspect.
You...not only must gender this thing built on /degree classifications/ but must also use a diminuitive?
Me: 'Call me missy' NOW you're my boyfriend!!
anglophile09: Britishflaganglophile09 on November 2nd, 2014 02:31 pm (UTC)
Hello, I saw your post on "Best Enemies" and I wanted to share some thoughts as well! I am also unhappy about this reveal, and I can't understand the praise it's getting.

One of my problems with moffat's strong-female-characters (TM) is the fact that their relationship with the doctor becomes almost entirely one of a "nudge-nudge wink-wink" variety. moffat is nearly incapable of writing his female characters as merely friends with the male characters.
so what worries me about this new master is the fact that the doctor/master relationship will lose that friendship they had underneath all their interactions. The old friends aspect is one of my favourite parts about the Doctor/The Master, and I have a feeling we're not going to be seeing it here.

Also I hate the fact that the Master is now referring to herself as 'Missy' or 'Mistress'??? No matter what gender, the Master is the Master. A woman with a Master's degree doesn't say she has a Mistress degree. We don't call female masterminds, mistressminds. It's all so horrible and moffat-y.

I think a female Master can be done well, but just not be *this* writer.

Anyway, thanks for opening up a place to vent! you are certainly not alone in your dislike for this revelation..
Predatrixpredatrix on November 2nd, 2014 03:48 pm (UTC)
Yes. He went there.

I don't like the 'gay erasure' with the huge side order of Women Are There To Be Attractive To Me. So, we can get the subtext in there, as long as it's de-queered, and as long as it's played to the Straight Male Gaze. We can have a woman Big Damn Villain (as long as most of her characterisation is played Woman rather than Villain, cf River Song, Irene Adler, Mary Morstan etc).

I was always pro the possibilities of making the Doctor female, or black, or anything else. I think it's extremely plausible that a long-lived race with the flexibility and fluidity of the Time Lords wouldn't be particularly bothered or likely to have human hang-ups. The only reason I want the Doctor to sound British is the entirely Doylist reason that I like my quirky British pop culture and I want it to stay un-homogenised and un-Hollywoodised. So my first respone to Missy being the Master was 'Yay!' Unfortunately, for a cheap joke, it's ended up sounding This Never Happens But It Happened Now rather than How Did You Get Out Of That (which is what he usually thinks when the Master pops up again with another rubbish beard), so it sounds even more stupidly as though nothing is fixed except gender. They wouldn't care! If they'd have any gender it might be a Kinsey-style percentage of 'more likely' to turn up one way or another. A long-lived civilised race with technology would be able to have more complete sex changes (chromosomal? hormonal? reproductively-viable?) so it wouldn't have the same 'weight' it does in our society (so much significance on assignment-at-birth, so much asking trans people have-you-had-the-surgery-yet, so much hate on non-binary types). If you could 'flip' sexes, if you could be either (or even both/neither). Or even if there were different alien sexes.

I'm an even fifty-fifty. I think it was a wonderful episode in a wonderful series, and I wish people would stop jumping on Moffat's head because he's creating A Work of Flawed Genius, and fixing the flaws? That's what fandom does! I love the casting of Michelle Gomez because a) ever since her work on Green Wing she's been brilliant at playing Terrifying Bitch-Queen From Hell and b) I prefer my Masters at least slightly urbane rather than scruffy, I prefer the megalomaniac loony bits to come like flashes of lightning from a clear sky rather than If I Bumped Into John Simm Looking Like That I'd Wonder Why He Hadn't Been Sectioned.
x_losx_los on November 3rd, 2014 02:23 am (UTC)
I'm fine with making the Doctor or the Master other things, but I fundamentally don't trust this writing team to do it. Like, I think gender must be a TOTALLY different thing for these aliens, sure! Tho there might be some indications of human-recognizable sexism in stuff like Deadly Assassin--how few women are around, etc. Rodan does traffic and Andred does Guarding and it's otherwise a political sausage fest? And the Sisters of Karn got exiled--it's a bit Watsonian, but I could really accept a Sexist Gallifrey argument.

My issue with Moffat isn't that I think he's imperfect or just sexist, I fundamentally dislike his writing on ideological and craft levels? Like, the only things he's ever done I was okay with are Blink, The Empty Child and the Doctor Dances, and the latter two, despite Davies saying he didn't edit Moffat, have to have been fairly collaborative because Jack, for example, is credited to Davies rather than Moffat? I can't stand his non-Who work either. Coupling will play on a loop in my personal hell. I'm fine with Gomez, and I share your opinion on point B, but I'm not a fan of the last several series and can't help but feel that, as with Capaldi, we're using gourmet ingredients to make an unsalvageable recipe that also contains some stuff that's gone off. :/

Edited at 2014-11-03 02:25 am (UTC)
x_losx_los on November 3rd, 2014 02:13 am (UTC)
One of my problems with moffat's strong-female-characters (TM) is the fact that their relationship with the doctor becomes almost entirely one of a "nudge-nudge wink-wink" variety. Yes! There's the fact that her being a woman makes it /possible/, dragging it from implicit to explicit? Whatever issues these people had before, I don't think gender plays aaaaany role there. For these aliens. Who must a priori have a different relationship to gender? It doesn't feel /earned/.

If we found out they used to sleep together or whatever because some situation caused it to be mentioned after several Master eps played a la Delgado or something, or if it was mentioned in some casual sideways way, that would be ok? But instead--yeah I think a female Master can be done well, but just not be *this* writer. , exactly. It seems so identical to--What He Does With Mysterious Evil Women.

And the Missy thing isn't even a character decision, just maybe a silly dominatrix vibe and a GASP reveal for this series that will never play well on rewatch, and which actually isn't even functioning as a GASP reveal bc we'd all thought of this obvious possibility and put it aside bc we hoped it wouldn't happen/it seemed too stupid.

And your friendship point is a VERY good one.