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07 August 2014 @ 03:10 am
Day Book  

made dinner
made most of a chai spice mix
looked through Fringe booklet a bit
went to Dulwich Picture Gallery and greek bakery w Ana and Rob
wrote editor things to do in London list
answered comments
freed the mouse
cleaned the room after (HUGE undertaking)
hauled all the workmen's shit out of the backgarden
helped with/coordinated the post workman clean up
sent offer to sister
emailed handymen
emailed Katy re: 2 contracts
emailed new flatmate and landlady re: contract
worldcon email
62 emails
contacted someone about cross-posting

Basically, a day on which I went out with people and did a fucking MASSIVE post-handymen clean. And also maybe sorted the new tenant issue, which can take bloody AGES, so that's good.