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28 August 2014 @ 03:46 am
Day Book  

finished Potted Sherlock review
wrote Beowulf review (together: 1378 words)
sent off to AN
word-counted other peoples' SFS to see how long mine could be
laundry: tons
watched Witch Who Came From The Sea
took 1897 words notes
dishes, in abundance
made Katy a shopping list
nap, exhausted
tidied bedroom a little
tidied kitchen
wrote 2412 word The Witch From the Sea review
talked to Aisha about DWJ conference logistics
mini panic attack
quick note to sister
emailed commissioner re: witch piece 2x
read 6 reviews from other people for Witch piece
talked to other sister about her uni books, obtained guac recipe
emailed elviaprose re work request
51 emails
emailed head of dept re: meeting

3790 + 1897 notes (slight overlap w/ review and notes, would be 5656 words)
araliasaralias on August 28th, 2014 06:44 am (UTC)