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11 October 2014 @ 01:53 am
Dear Santa: Yuletide Letter  
(Yes I know signups aren't even open yet, I am just PREPARED okay?)

Yuletide Letter

Hello dear Yuletide writer! I have never done Yuletide before, despite being in and around small fandoms for ages, so please forgive any awkwardness, and feel free to ask anon questions if it'd help clarify anything!

Gen Outs listed at the bottom of each category.


Peter/Harriet to the moon!

Some Ideas:

- Casefic.
- More 5 year period UST/pining.
- medieval, early modern, victorian or future/sff!AU.*
- I don't want to read it, but why is there NOT awkward fic where he's in love with her but /did marry Barbara/?
- Excruciating and interesting fic where he misunderstood her saying 'I don't want to marry you, but I'll live with you' and /took her up on it/ and is maybe trying to get her to marry him in that context or gently ease her into believing she's good enough to marry or that he really DOES want to marry her, etc.
- Fic where she loses the murder retrial or trial proper--does he sit back and let it happen? There was /one/ where she died like that, but am sort of inclined to believe we're in for a fun jail-break/living on the run!AU.
- Silly crossovers, Jooster, Who, whatever*
- P&H must pretend to be in a fake relationship
- he's in jail and she has to detect something to save his ass*
- some magic powers au or soulbondy au bullshit
- including Mary Wimsey in one of these other scenarios, letting her have some room to breathe*
- Hilary Thorpe as Harriet's assistant/sidekick/quasi-adopted daughter*
- more Shrewsbury fic!!*

- Peter suppresses evidence or otherwise makes her social situation a bit more intolerable to get her to marry him/accept protection, she doesn't necessarily know that
- Harriet and Peter commit murders for each other to detect/as presents, go undetected (darkfic, predicated on the slight hint of 'I know best' vigilanteism in the series)

Other fav characters include: Dowager Duchess, Miss Climpson, St. George, EVERYONE FUN.


North and South

I think this is only not All Media Types because Yuletide pushed towards specification--I consider it All Media Types and would be happy with any universe, baring a too-evocative Patrick Stewart!Thornton, because Picard was like my father figure as a child and sexy!young!PStew weirds me a bit.

I'd really like some John/Margaret! Essentially, this fandom is not rolling in the sort and quantity of stuff P&P is at all, is it? There's a fair amount of fic on C19, but a lot of it's modern AUs that aren't terribly interested in John Thornton and Margaret Hale's political/intellectual/socially-situated conflicts. I'd like original time-period stuff with some of the tropes super popular down Republic of Pemberley way--the awkward marriage that has to take place in the wake of the riot for the sake of propriety or money, that develops under the strain into a real relationship after lots of angst, UST and pining, that sort of thing. John thinking about Margaret in a passionate or sexual manner when he thinks it's hopeless, thinking about her with Mysterious Train Platform Guy: this tropey stuff is my crackjam.

Or if we're doing an AU, something that preserves the aforementioned tensions between their characters? Modern activist Margaret and John working out how to be ethical people in a modern setting--Margaret and John at Manchester Uni, there for different reasons, with conflicting philosophies.

I also like Mrs. Thornton original flavor, and would be happy to see this complex character around. (And is it me or was Dixon SUPER into Margaret's mom...)

POSSIBLE GEN OUTS: The modern AU could be Margaret and John as friends, easy, so long as the relationship was challenging and important to them--the non-romantic things people come to N&S for. I'd be down for some Mrs. Thornton comedy happening--I am sure her DEAD SERIOUS NORTHERN FORCEFULNESS could lend itself well to exploits/comedy--not *from* her obvs, but around her.

Great Mouse Detective

So. /So./ In every other version of this canon I care about I am Holmes/Watson all the way, but here I am firmly, crazily Basil/Ratigan. I'm sorry right. I blame the camp camp film, colonel_bastard's series, spending a LONG time in Doctor/Master, and ultimately myself. I really burningly want anything for this pairing, from wacky fun heist-and-chase with UST times to unlikely collaborations to Thinking About It to dead-serious Bad Romance. I'd be up for human AUs, setting/time-period AUs (though maybe other eras before modern, in my heart of hearts--there's a lot of modern!Sherlockiana about rn), or genre!AUs as well (caveat here though: I hate Moffat/Sherlock with the white-hot passion of a thousand suns so if it's a Sherlock crossover I will try to love you but it will be. so. difficult.). I'd sort of prefer something that was primarily interested in the mouses' world rather than its overlap with ACD canon proper. This may seem like the one I am least interested in bc it's shortest, but that's not the case! It's just such a /small/ fandom/pairing that I've not properly had a chance to look at work and think about what I would *ideally* want to see, and honestly I'm desperate for any fic. There wouldn't need to be sex I swear I would be happy with good flirting.

Some of these http://disneykinklist.livejournal.com/12650.html (GMD category) could be fun, particularly the voodoo scenario--hilarious crack! Or R bottoming that never fucking happens.

POSSIBLE GEN OUTS: TBH I'm pretty... pairing on this one, but I could be down for something where Ratigan was there and fun and it was not at all shippy but it WAS fabulous. Fabulousness is a must. Tony Kushner levels of fabulosity. I also enjoy put-upon Misses Judson, so her efforts to deal with Basil would be highly amusing. I like Dawson! I am interested in his bro-ship with Basil, and... not super interested in a more-than-broship between them. Basil's histrionic reactions to mundane tasks&problems could also be gold.

What I'm generally into:

Banter, angst, strong feelings, pining, sex, plots, ye olde fic cliches, hilarity, fic-as-critical-praxis, clever people being thoughtful, punching up, etc. That said--sometimes characters are awful for valid characterization reasons, and I'm okay with that. I have absolutely no triggers, no fear of character death, etc. I'd prefer not to have fic that’s all about a pairing I didn’t ask for/character bashing? I'm not SUPER into extreme BDSM that abnegates characters' individuality, but I'll deal for emotional or plot-valid reasons, and honestly I don't see it really coming up. Whatever the story needs, go for it please.

THANKS SO MUCH!! And obviously these are just Some Thoughts so if they're not Your Vision (tm) then y'know fuck it, you do you, etc. Happy ficing! :)

ERE I AM JH: donna yayjaclynhyde on October 20th, 2014 06:16 pm (UTC)
I LOVE YOUR ICON. AND YOUR GREAT MOUSE DETECTIVE REQUEST. It is also literally the only Sherlock Holmes version where I have a non Holmes/Watson OTP, and that includes the one where he's a robot.
x_losx_los on October 20th, 2014 06:34 pm (UTC)
I KNOW RIGHT?! I was so unprepared not to be H/W, that is not my way!! Do you know the Merrison radio plays? Just started listening to those and LOVE them. I've been writing a ton of Basil/Ratigan on Ao3 of late and I'm not even sorry.
nineveh_uk: HHC lolcatnineveh_uk on October 29th, 2014 03:59 pm (UTC)
he's in jail and she has to detect something to save his ass*

Just a drive-by FYI, but there is a version of this here: http://archiveofourown.org/works/605121 Peter gets accused of poisoning Bunter.
x_losx_los on October 29th, 2014 09:01 pm (UTC)
Thanks, I'll check it out! :)