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02 November 2014 @ 12:15 am
Who Spoiler Thing  
essentially, Moffat made my pairing, which I have shipped lo these many years/done a ton of work for, true&het by making 1 character female
in the most--awful ham-fisted way possible? like, the most gendery bullshit? And people are hailing it as a Triumph for Feminism as newly-
female character coos 'call me Missy!' and 'he's my boyfriend!!'
I feel so like, pandered to and undermined and ganked and 'oh ffs' and insulted and told this is what I wanted
I 50% am detached now and don't care and am 50% rage-disgusted
I *should not care* and I tooootally do, it's the grossest shit, the emperor is naked, etc
I did mod the big community for this pairing forever, and this blatant attempt to Appease Critics/Fans is sort of directed at his vague idea
of tumblrinas and what fandom is etc
in some tiny degree I'm a little complicit. I just never thought this shitstain would crap on my day.
idk I'd thought for a while it could NEVER come back from him
but it's SO UNFAIR he gets to retcon it all into his bitch, we worked so hard and loved it so much for so long, why does HE get to ruin it?
and maybe I shouldn't let him, etc., but what w lj death, it's just exhausting and awful and I feel like the work's retrospectively devalued

Me: and like
we never asked for this
like I didn't WANT this to Be Canon
it wasn't what I wanted, I knew it was unrealistic etc
all ANYONE wanted was like
decent female characterization
and we get this 'teeeheeeheeheehee, well I couldn't possibly go on calling myself the Master!!' and people are like A BLOW FOR FEMINISM and it's like no, it's just Curse of the Fatal Death AS A SERIOUS THING, and you think that like--COUNTS?
Ana: Yeeeesss.
That is the /opposite/ of a blow for feminism.
The name aspect.
You...not only must gender this thing built on /degree classifications/ but must also use a diminuitive?
Me: 'Call me missy' NOW you're my boyfriend!!
Bagheerabagheera_san on November 3rd, 2014 08:39 pm (UTC)
I've been following the reactions on Tumblr, but I haven't seen the episode itself (I watched the first four or so Capaldi eps and then lost interest... also rolled my eyes a lot at the depiction of Gallifrey/the doctor's childhood). I didn't think Missy was 100% horrible, the virtual reality/resurrection thing that was hinted at in the first few eps had me interested in spite of the cringe-worthy name and stereotypical depiction.

But I'm still not sure if I want to watch it? I don't include Moffat-era in my personal headcanon, but still, some eps were bad enough that they spoiled my general enjoyment of the pairing... then again I haven't been doing much enjoying...

So how bad is it?
x_losx_los on November 8th, 2014 11:51 pm (UTC)
I'm not watching, following via people who are etc. bc it's impossible for me to avoid it? I get the impression that the Master's gender shit is the worst, that otherwise the Master is... ok? And that the eps themselves are Moffat Shittiness of the degree you might expect. So essentially... why do it to yourself, but personal call? Idk I long sense stopped being *able* to enjoy it, at all? Some people are ok with some fundamentally f'd shit and can still appreciate the good bits around it. If there's a core element or premise that annoys me, I really can't do it--maybe in a few years, once/if things get at all better, but I'm caught between not caring and feeling quite bitter (obvs).
Bagheerabagheera_san on November 9th, 2014 03:47 am (UTC)
So I watched both eps (today's and last week's) just now and actually I did enjoy the first one in places, like, I almost got excited about it, the D/M chemistry was sort of there, but the second half is just shit, as per usual, only more offending because it gets not one, but TWO of my favourite DW things wrong. There are several elements in this that you could take and turn into a DW episode I'd love, but... not like this.

Though actually my main problem isn't gender shit (it's comparatively mild, imo) - this just isn't the same show that I liked. Also, I cannot suspend my disbelief for Moffat plots, and I think that goosnakes are an acceptable plot point, so...
x_losx_los on November 9th, 2014 03:58 am (UTC)
Yeah? I mean I have NOTHING against the IDEA of a female Master, I just did aaaaalways say I didn't want this writing team to do a female Doctor, bc I don't think they're fucking mature enough. Like give me a white male Doctor who is not an AWFUL DICK, and some companions who EXIST, LIKE FOR REAL, for 2 SEASONS WHERE YOU DON'T SAY ANYTHING ABOUT THEIR BUTTS, NOT EVER, and then your hardcore writing team with any women on it can try and tackle the bigass challenge of doing a female Doctor. And so... I just don't think they can execute this well. There's almost a priori no way it's not weird because it's them doing it? And then what I know about how it plays out isn't wretched but also has issues. (And I think the TVM is v watchable...) Essentially--the mildest gender shit sits in this echo chamber of how this is his bazillionth Indistinguishable Sinister Sexy Business Lady Overly Interested in the Doctor. And yes the Master was ALWAYS overly interested, but if you can't tell in the lead up whether it's the Master or a strange re-incarnation of River or something, if that ambiguity powers your whole 'twist'... thaaaaat is an issue. There's sexism, and then there's--your relationship to gender being poor in a way that cripples your storytelling?

Augh, I hate that Major Shit Wrong thing worse than anything though? Like... plot crapness okay, I will suffer a million weak, dull, wonky eps before dealing with a shiny ep that actually presents a difficult to gloss over core challenge to something that, for me, was important about the text.

Yeah, agreed re--is it the same, and suspension, which IS ODD, as you suggest, because we can accept so many media and production regime/genre/mode changes and so many naff plots? What about this is TOO MUCH, will it look better in time, is this actually distinctly different from those other variations, etc.
Aster: orsinoaster_dw on November 9th, 2014 10:51 pm (UTC)
"Essentially--the mildest gender shit sits in this echo chamber of how this is his bazillionth Indistinguishable Sinister Sexy Business Lady Overly Interested in the Doctor. And yes the Master was ALWAYS overly interested, but if you can't tell in the lead up whether it's the Master or a strange re-incarnation of River or something, if that ambiguity powers your whole 'twist'... thaaaaat is an issue"

That's actually a very good (and sad) point. For me, the main mystery of the character before the "reveal" was that it obv could have been the Master (subtle as a brick), but there were SO MANY OTHER possible Sexy!Older!Obsessive!Evil!Moffat!women it could have been that I genuinely was kept guessing until the very end.
- Has River Song regenerated, with her enduring love for the doctor now dark and twisted?
- Is this older Clara, who has finally gone off the tracks from her deep feelings for the Doctor unrequited?
- Is Tasha Lem showing her true (sexy but sinister!) colours?
- Is some new Kovarian-like matron figure hatching an evil plan?

Literally, with the current writing team it could have been anyone because they are all kind of the same.

And in a sense, they got some things right with the new Master probably because he already has some established character traits/mannerisms that happen by a fortuitous coincidence to overlap with the current Older Woman Trope. (Being overly interested as one of them). So as a result, it was not ALL horribly OOC but in a bit of the same way as a broken clock shows the right time twice a day.
(I was relieved by those small mercies and enjoyed some bits in the eps, but that's largely because rock-bottom expectations and my miraculous powers of being in denial about/ blocking out the vast amounts of shit that did actually happen. Like...pretty much all of the finale plot. )
x_losx_los on November 16th, 2014 12:46 am (UTC)
Yeah? And that's not... a clever twist, that's an 'ambiguity' generated by their being several things it could equally plausibly be. That's not a mystery, it's a spinning wheel that could land on like 1 of 6 things.

I bet you're right about the overlap, though that in itself is a bit sad, bc what neither the Doctor nor the Master should be is 'able to be mistaken for randoms'--they should be too themselves and unique for that, right? They're interesting bc they're like but not even THAT able to be confused with other Thems, let alone random megalomaniacs and protags. And I'm sure that if I watched I could like--enjoy a lot of her. I'm sure people can make something of this. But I'm not v good at blocking, and shouldn't have to, come on guys. :/